Seven Things You Didn’t Know About Beth

1. I have two beautiful one-year old twins- Kate and Hank. I was petrified when I found out I was pregnant with twins…like crying in the OB office shaking uncontrollably scared! My pregnancy was horrendous, and the delivery wasn’t great either, but they are the light of my life- and I wouldn’t change a thing. They are the sweetest little souls, and they definitely keep me on my toes.

Family Photo Credit: Amanda Hietpas Photography

2. I am also a mom to an adorable Goldendoodle- Reggie. My husband and I got Reggie three years ago, and he has been our baby ever since. He loves to lounge on furniture (even though he isn’t supposed to), play ball and go for walks, and most importantly- he is the twins favorite buddy. Isn’t he the cutest?!

Family Photo Credit: Amanda Hietpas Photography

3. I went to three colleges before graduating with my undergraduate degree! I also switched my major a million times as well (business, interior design, back to business, psychology, women’s studies, back to psychology). I did NOT know what I wanted to do when I grew up, and quite frankly…I still don’t! I added a fourth school to my list when I went to grad school too for my Masters Degree in Social work. Ask me about schools in Wisconsin, because odds are I probably went to one of them at some point!

4. My husband wrote and performed a song for me at our wedding. It was a complete surprise for me, and everyone in attendance and it was AMAZING! He based the lyrics off of the song Piano Man by Billy Joel, and had his friends play the music while he sang. We did not have a videographer at our wedding, and I am still kicking myself about that decision. Luckily, our photographer took some great candids of my reaction (see below) and some of our family members were quick on their toes and filmed it with their phones. People still talk about that song, and we are coming up on our three year anniversary!

Wedding photo credit: Molly Jo Collections

5. I LOVE to budget and crunch numbers…but I have not always been this way. I used to get too nervous about finances, so I avoided the subject all together. The less I knew the better…right?! But then, about two years ago my parents introduced me to Dave Ramsey and The Baby Steps, and I have been a budget queen ever since- just ask my husband. For anyone interested, I use the EveryDollar budgeting app, and I must say- it is life changing!

6. My biggest dream for myself and my family is to one day own a piece of lake front property. I grew up having a cottage in our family and most of my favorite childhood memories were made there (see some great throwbacks below). If your from Wisconsin, you know the term “going up north”, and that is exactly what we did almost every weekend in the summer! I would love to be able to provide those same memory opportunities for my own children one day…and that is exactly why I budget so hard and follow the Baby Steps!

7. My absolute worst habit is hitting the snooze button in the morning…and I am not talking about once or twice…I’m talking like 5 plus times- YIKES! My husband hates this habit of mine too, but fortunately (or unfortunately) for him, he has started doing it too. We need a major habit overhaul in this department…but the bed is just oh-so-comfy at 5:30am!

Well there you have it, that is me in a nutshell! Hope you enjoyed reading, and learning all about me and my life!

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