Five Must Have Items To Add To Your Baby Registry

To be 100% honest, I had a baby registry started before I even knew I was pregnant- call me crazy, I know! Of course, I made a ton of changes when I actually became pregnant (and basically bedridden) after doing extensive research and scouring product reviews. I wanted to write this post because I know a lot of new moms have no idea where to even start with their registry, and then they end up throwing something together last minute before their shower invites get mailed out!

For starters, I recommend registering on both Amazon and Target because both have great perks! When you start a baby registry at Amazon you get a Welcome Baby Box with some free goodies, and Target sends you coupons after baby is born to complete your registry with 15% off your entire purchase!

Twin note: I will highlight what items you definitely need double of, and what things you can get by with just one of. Remember, I am all about minimal products with the maximum capabilities!

Pack ‘N Play

For twin mamas, this is one of those items that you will need two of. I recommend the Graco Quick Connect Portable Bouncer with Bassinet. It does have a hefty price tag (especially if you need two) but I believe it is worth it. Plus, this is an item that you will use into the toddler years as a sleeping area for slumber parties at Grandmas house, vacations, and other trips. This pack n play also has a removable bouncer seat that I loved for times when I needed to set the babies down (think quick bathroom break, drinking a cup of coffee with BOTH hands, curling your hair, etc.). The bouncer seat even has a vibrating feature that soothed my babes almost instantly- ahhhh.

This Pack ‘N Play also has a bassinet feature for the newborn stage. When I first set up the Pack ‘N Play, I thought the bassinet was the removable bouncer- Hello first time Mom status! For all you first time moms out there, the bouncer is not to be used for nighttime sleeping. I will save my long safe-sleep rant for a different post, but just know the bassinet feature is not the bouncer. The bassinet essentially lifts the sleeping area up off the ground so you don’t have to bend down as far to place baby to sleep. I used this for the first 3 months until I felt they were too big, and then I lowered the sleeping mat to the ground height.

When the babies were itty-bitty I also attached the changing pad to the Pack ‘N Play for a convenient spot to change diapers in the middle of the night. The changing pad takes up about half of the total space, but because the babes were so little, they slept on one side of the Pack ‘N Play, and the changing pad was on the other half. **For a visual, see the picture below and picture it without the bouncer **

Lastly, this Pack ‘N Play model also comes with hook-on storage to keep diapers, wipes, and extra burp cloths. I loved having this so close to the changing pad for those middle of the night diaper changes and feedings. I am all about convenience!


Skip all of the other swing models and go straight for the 4 Moms Brand MamaRoo. Yes it is expensive, but YES it is oh so worth the money! I had never heard of a MamaRoo prior to working at the hospital, but I quickly became well acquainted with them because they are used on both the NICU and Pediatric floor. They are nothing shy of magical, and can calm even the most fussy of babies. They have 5 different motion settings along with various speeds, so you are sure to find the right motion for your babies personal preference. The model I linked above also has soothing sound options which was a huge plus for me!

For all you twin mama’s out there, this is another one that you should double register for. You can always try just one to start with, but I can almost guarantee you will be rushing to Target to get a second one. I loved being able to set the twins in their Mamaroo’s so I could have a few minutes where both of my hands were accessible for pumping or eating or folding laundry (although lets be honest, my husband folds most of the laundry)!

Budget Hack: I registered for two, but was only gifted one, so I bought the other one off of Facebook Marketplace. I had to keep checking back until one became available, but I was able to score one for about $175 and it was in excellent condition. Just make sure you scrub the metal base down, and launder the fabric pieces prior to use!

Baby Monitor

Let me start off by saying that there are so many different baby monitors on the market today! I had a difficult time deciding between a regular monitor, and one that had WiFi accessibility to be able to view from my phone. I ultimately decided against a WiFi monitor, because my kids were going to be going to daycare- so my need to watch from my phone when I wasn’t home was minimal. We went with the Infant Optics DXR-8 monitor and are very happy with it. I was drawn to this option because you can add a second camera without needing to purchase two monitors **Great for twin mamas!** The picture is very clear, and the sound is crisp. It isn’t anything fancy, but it gets the job done.

My kids still share a nursery, but they nap in different rooms during the daytime when they are home with me. We use the second camera for nap times when they are apart. Otherwise we just use the one camera at night. It pans the room nicely so I can see both kiddos in their cribs.

Car seat

This is one of those items that is absolutely essential. Even if you are a minimalist and forgo most of the fancy baby gear, this is one area you cannot skip over. You can’t even leave the hospital without a car seat (a non-expired one at that)! And of course, if you are a twin mama, you are going to need two of these bad boys.

We went with the Chicco Key Fit 30 and I loved it! I personally did not buy the entire travel system, because we needed a stroller that could accommodate two car seats. But, if you are expecting a singleton, I would recommend registering for the entire travel system. It comes with the car seat, a base, and a stroller to easily transport baby right in the car seat, and beyond. While you are at it, I recommend registering for a second base as well if your family has two vehicles.

High Chair

We went with the Graco SwiviSeat high chair and couldn’t be happier with it! I mostly love this product because it is multipurpose, AND it is a giant space saver. **If you are a twin mom, you are going to want to check these out. Unless you have a ginormous kitchen, I can guarantee that you are not going to want two full-size high chairs in your house at once!**

The high chair connects right to your kitchen table chair, and has added padding and support for younger babies, while also having the capability of transitioning to a toddler booster seat when they are older. One product for two life stages?! Count me in!

Products You Can Skip All Together

Okay, now that we have touched on the essentials for your baby registry, let me mention a few that are just not necessary!

  • Wipe Warmers– I can almost guarantee you that your baby will be just fine with room-temperature wipes. Plus, if baby gets used to warm wipes at home, they will be more likely to be very unhappy during diaper changes on the go with cold wipes!
  • Bottle Warmers- This is a completely unnecessary appliance that will just end up taking up space on your kitchen counter. Although not recommended- we used the microwave to re-heat my breast milk and both my children survived. You can also use hot water if you don’t want to use your microwave.
  • Breast milk test kits for alcohol– These things are so pricey, and so unnecessary. The rule of thumb is, if you can drive, you can nurse.
  • Baby Laundry Detergent- Don’t fall into the marketing trap! Not only are these detergents overpriced, they have just as many- if not more- chemicals than your regular laundry detergent.
  • Portable tracking devices- These used to be awesome to track diapers and bottles…before they made phone apps to take its place. Now you can simply download an app to keep track of those important things instead of needing to keep track of another device.
  • Diaper Genie- Unless you live in an apartment (where it is difficult to take out the trash everyday) you do not need this!
  • Baby shoes- I know they are cute…but if they can’t walk, they don’t need shoes!
  • Baby dish soap- This is another marketing trap. Stick to the basics, or better yet, choose a company that bans harsh chemicals (Norwex- Hint, Hint!)

Happy Registering!

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