3 Ways My Life Changed When I started Using Norwex

Okay, so I might sound a little overboard when I say Norwex changed my life- but it really did! I was living a pretty normal consumer life before I actually stopped to think about what chemicals and ingredients I was exposing myself to in my everyday products. Like really, have you ever opened up your cabinet under the sink and took a good hard look at what was down there?!

That is exactly what I did one day. I opened up my cabinet under my kitchen sink and noticed that most everything down there gave me a headache when I used it, or had a long list of ingredients that I couldn’t even pronounce. And that is the moment I realized I needed to make a change.

I slowly but surely started phasing out my Dawn Dish Soap, Tide Laundry Soap, and Windex as I purchased more and more Norwex products. The results of switching to cleaner products did not all become apparent right away, but looking back, these are the three biggest changes and mind-shifts that happened once I ditched chemicals for good:

1. My definition of clean no longer had a smell associated with it

2. I cut my number of laundry loads in half!

3. I saved so much money switching to safer products

1. Clean does not have to have a smell! Some of you might be reading this thinking I have completely lost my mind, but just think about it for a minute. What taught you that clean needed to have a scent associated with it…MARKETING! Fresh fabric doesn’t naturally smell like a field of wildflowers, and new toilet bowls don’t naturally smell like sea-breeze! Essentially, clean shouldn’t have a smell at all- but we have been conditioned to think it should.

Short story for you- It had probably been about 4 weeks since I had ditched my Tide laundry soap and switched over to Norwex Ultra Power Plus detergent when I took a trip to Costco. I was wandering up and down every isle…like I always do…when I was hit with the most overpowering, strong smell of laundry detergent in the back of the store. Normally this smell wouldn’t bother me at all, so I was perplexed why I was suddenly so sensitive. I ended up skipping that isle in the store, but later put the pieces together as to why I had that strong of a reaction.

You know that saying from the Febreeze commercial “You’ve become nose-blind” when referring to becoming used to foul odors?! Well the same thing is essentially happening when you surround yourself with harsh chemicals and fragrances everyday, but instead of being nose-blind to foul odors, you are nose-blind to the overpowering fragrances of wildflowers and sea-breeze!

There are SO many things on the market now to boost the scent of your laundry, and I have to shake my head. People are literally buying scented laundry detergent, scented “scent boosters” and scented dryer sheets….that is a TON of synthetic fragrance and harsh chemicals on your clothes ya’ll! I get a headache just watching those scent booster commercials. Do you suffer from frequent headaches?! You might want to examine the chemicals you are exposing yourself to everyday for a simple (cheaper) solution to your health concerns!

2. I was able to cut down on the number of loads of laundry I do every week. Pre-Norwex, I would do about two loads of towels a week. My kitchen cloths always started to smell after a day or two, so I would cycle through those quickly- creating a small pile of smelly towels in my laundry room that I just couldn’t ignore! My bath towels also started to get funky after a few days- so those were added to the pile as well. Once I switched to the Norwex kitchen towels and bath towels, I was SHOCKED that no matter how many times I used them, they did not start to smell. I have kitchen cloths that are five years old that still don’t get stinky after a week of constant use!

You can thank the Norwex baclock technology for the anti-stink factor! The baclock technology uses silver woven into the fabric to self-purify the cloth when used wet. As the cloth dries, the silver goes to work purifying and cleaning! It sounds like magic- and trust me when I say it is a magical experience to be able to use the same kitchen cloth day after day without the smell knocking you off your feet.

Now, instead of doing two loads of towels a week, I do ONE load of Norwex towels every TWO weeks. That is only two loads of towels a week instead of eight! I have just given you the gift of time- and what mama doesn’t need that in their lives?!

3. I started to see some pretty significant savings after about 6 months of consistent Norwex use. Not only did I cut down on the number of laundry loads I was doing each week, but I was able to significantly cut down on the amount of laundry detergent I was using with each load.

The Norwex laundry detergent is so powerful that you only need ONE TEASPOON per load…yes you heard that right! One bag of the Norwex detergent lasts me on average 4 months- and we do our fair share of laundry with two kiddos running around!

When I was using traditional liquid laundry detergent, I was buying roughly 1 $15 bottle every other month. But with Norwex, I buy three bags of Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent for $24 each that last me an entire year!

Now you might be thinking…Beth- that is only an $18 a year savings, what’s the big deal?! And you are right, $18 isn’t life changing- but that is the savings for switching only one household cleaner to Norwex…i’m just getting started!

Check out this chart to see how Norwex can save you over $250 in the first year alone!

This chart doesn’t even touch on the yearly savings when you switch to the Norwex Body cloth to remove makeup and wash your face! I was spending about $7 a month on disposable makeup remover cloths (that didn’t even work that great) which is about $85 a year; and I was spending $50 a year on facial cleansers for a grand total of $135 a year…this is definitely drug store prices ya’ll- i’m sure many of you spend way more than this!

I traded my disposable makeup remover cloths and drugstore facial cleansers for a 3-pack Body Cloth set, and never looked back! These little cloths remove mascara and eyeliner better than ANY makeup remover I have ever used, and it is completely chemical free! Like literally I can remove 100% of my makeup with a cloth and water…you guys, I feel like I need to shout this to the rooftops!

So there you have it. These are the three biggest ways my life and mindset have shifted since ditching some of the most toxic chemicals in my home and switching to Norwex.

Are you ready to take the jump to a cleaner lifestyle?!

Check out my Norwex site to browse the products, learn more about the science behind our microfiber, and purchase your first (of many) clean living products!

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