Diaper & Wipe Cost Breakdown

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There are SO many different diaper brands and styles available today, it can be very overwhelming for a new mom to decide what option is best for their baby!

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was fully intending to go the cloth diaper route. But then we received the news that we were going to be having TWO babies instead of one, and I quickly ditched the cloth diaper idea and opted for disposable diapers- I wanted at least one area of my life to be easy at the time!

I will admit that I was kind of a brand snob in my early motherhood months- so we started the babies out with Pampers Swaddler diapers and Pampers sensitive skin wipes. I used Amazon’s Subscribe and Save Program, which gave me a 15% discount, but I was still spending a hefty chunk of change on diapers and wipes every month. As the months went on, I started to get savvy in terms of items that were definitely worth the extra money, and the items that I could save on.

When the babies were around 8 months, I started to transition to the Target Brand of diapers and wipes, and my only regret was that I didn’t do it sooner! The Up&Up Brand fit them the same, had a similar feel, and did not irritate my kiddos bottoms AND they were more than 50% cheaper than the Pampers Swaddler brand from Amazon!

Here is a price comparison chart of the three diaper brands we used over the months (based off size 3 diapers for each brand).

And a little secret- the Kirkland brand diapers are made by Huggies, so they are essentially the same as Huggies without the brand name price tag!

I also did a price comparison for baby wipes for the same three brands as above. I was surprised to see that there wasn’t much of a difference between the three, aside from the extra savings at Target or Amazon if you signed up for a subscription.

Last but not least, overnight diapers! I started using overnight diapers for the babies when they were around 8 months old. They had been sleeping through the night for a few months by then, but I was starting to notice some early morning urine leakage (from both Pampers and Up&Up brand) around 7-8 months.

I tried the Up&Up brand from Target first, but I wasn’t in love. They didn’t leak, but they were busting at the seams when the kids would wake up in the morning. I ultimately switched to the Huggies Overnites and was much happier. These things hold SO MUCH LIQUID. No more early more wake ups because the babe’s PJ’s are all wet.

Here is the cost comparison for size 4 overnight diapers:

I hope this was helpful to all of the pregnant mama’s out there, as well as the new mama’s who are too sleep deprived to do a cost analysis on diapers and wipes!

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